Some of Our Services Include:

• Comprehensive hearing examinations, (ages 3+ years old) from a licensed Audiologist.

• Ear Wax Removal services.

• Tinnitus Management

• Hearing aid consultations, selections and custom fittings from all manufacturers.

• Assistive listening devices such as CROS and FM systems, amplified telephones and alarm systems.

• Live Speech Mapping to improve accuracy for each individual fitting and to facilitate the hearing rehabilitation process.

• Hearing aid maintenance, including; cleaning, repairs, programming and modifications.

• Custom earplugs for swim, sleep and noise as well as custom musician’s ear plugs, and in-ear monitors.

. Home visit appointments are available upon request.

. On-site industrial hearing screenings and custom earplugs for those who work in loud environments.

At Premium Hearing Clinic, we provide professional consultation with businesses to help manage work-related Noise Induced Hearing Loss. We can assess the noise levels at workplace and produce a customized noise report for your organization. We also work alongside employers and their employees to help manage and minimize Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) claims through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).  According to Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, "every employer shall ensure that no worker is exposed to a sound level greater than an equivalent sound exposure level of 85 dBA."

Please call us at 905-563-0011 for more information. We are always happy to share with you our knowledge and advice.

Contact Leiyla at 905-563-0011 to inquire about any of these services or to book an appointment.