Can I swim with a hole in my eardrum? The importance of custom ear plugs.

Swimming is a fun and active sport for the whole family to enjoy and stay healthy. However it comes with some risk when it comes to your ears. For the avid swimmer, one may develop what’s known as swimmers ears where as water enters the ear canal, overtime the ear compensates by producing bony growths in the canal to protect it from water borne infections. When a child or adult has middle ear infections and has a tube or a hole in their eardrum, the reality is that any water that enters the ear canal can go through the eardrum and cause further infections.

Although it might be suggested that it is safe to swim with a hole in the eardrum, the reality is that most pools, lakes and oceans are contaminated and water getting through the eardrum can pose greater ear infections.

For the individual with swimmer’s ear, having custom ear plugs which are made from silicone will repel any water from entering the ear canal to form a precise and comfortable seal in their ears.

If you or your child have gone through having a surgery to put tubes in the ears to prevent further middle ear infections, then it makes sense to have customized made earplugs to protect the ears from any further infections and discomfort.

The standard non-custom earplugs may only work temporarily but does not fit well and tend to fall out of the ears. They are disposable and create more of an environmental wastage. In addition these earplugs do not properly seal the ear and are based on average ear sizes where the rule “one size fits all” does not apply here.

At Premium Hearing Clinic, having custom made swimming earplugs that are moulded to accurately fit each individual’s ear will help to form an exact seal against water entry into the ear canal. The custom plugs are soft and comfortable when seating in the ear canal, are easy to fit and remove and the best part is that they will protect the ears from any infections that can be caused from water activities. They come in many different colours for you to choose from: green, orange, purple, blue, yellow, pink, red, and more.

So enjoy your swimming no matter the season but consider investing in custom earplugs and protecting your ears for infections. We also do custom plugs for noise, sleep and musicians.

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Communication strategies to use with someone who has a hearing loss

Tips to enhance communication:

When someone has hearing loss, while hearing aids and other listening devices are the number one tools to use to hear better, here are some strategies that can be used to facilitate communication:

  • Get the person’s attention first before you start to speak. They are less likely to miss parts of your conversation if they are ready to listen.
  • Make eye contact with the speaker and ensure that there is enough lighting in the room so that they can see your mouth and face to read your lips clearly.
  • Try to eliminate as much of the background noise as possible. Move to a quiet place whenever possible. Turn off sources of noise if possible, ex. running water. If going to a restaurant, arrive early and choose an area that is optimized to hear the speaker and away from any background noise.
  • Don’t speak at a distant ex. in another room as it is difficult to hear the further away one goes from the speaker.
  • Don’t shout or speak loudly, just try to speak clearly. Substitute with a different word if they don’t understand what you’re saying. Trying to repeat the same word doesn’t make what you are saying easier to interpret. Ex. “I am going to the ” “What??” Try to rephrase it with “I am going to the supermarket / mall /plaza.”

The earlier one is identified and diagnosed with a hearing loss, the better they can manage and cope with their hearing difficulties. Encourage your loved ones to have their hearing tested by an Audiologist as part of a routine health check up. Contact us at 905-563-0011